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Less experienced individuals often struggle to find the right job, as they lack the opportunities to gain experience and differente themselves. They also often end up sending out a lot of applications, and be frustrated to hear no response from the companies.


Employers, on the other hand, are often overloaded with excessive amount of undifferentiated applications for entry-level positions, leading to overspending on the recruitment process and also high turnover rate.

EdHike fixes this broken system!

How edhike works


Learn as you apply

Learn skills that are actually needed in the real world. With every job you apply, you receive free training and gain transferrable skills. The more you apply, the better skilled you are, and the better chances of you getting the job!


More skilled candidates

With an integrated system for recruitment and training, companies receive better skilled and motivated candidates. Cut through the noise with a sea of applications, and only spend time on candidates with the right skills and mindset.

Our Mission

To enable everyone with the right motivation to learn the skills necessary to adapt to the demands of the future workforce.

With skills demanded at jobs changing at a much faster pace than the educational system can keep up, we see a future where the business sector takes up the social responsibility to educate the next generation of experts.

The result is a much more efficient system in which companies find more suitable talents and candidates find the right jobs through a rewarding process.

Our Team

Franz-Josef Schrepf

M.Sc - Rotterdam School of Management

Franz is an experienced entrepreneur and Growth Hacker from Rockboost Growth Hacking Agency, using data science and machine learning to help start-ups grow. After dark, he is a hobby stand-up comedian, public speaker, and talk show host, likely to be found at every networking event in London and beyond.

Cedric Lam


Cedric has over 15 years of experience in technology, including a wide range of deep tech software products at Samsung and others. He has worked and lived in 9 different countries, and had been co-founder and CTO of two previous startups. On the side, he was a musician, an artist at heart, and also ran a full marathon.

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